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» News Archives - Ooh...small break.

Ooh...small break.

Yesterday I had a chat with Masuto and we decided a couple of things, good and bad. The bad is that we're both burnt from finals, and life in general, plus I'm working on my RSoM entry and my time is limited. We decided to put Demonic Devon on hold until...um...I finish my entry. So the latest should be the 11th of January. I will put up the two pages I already have done sometime soonish.
Onto the good. The good thing is that we decided to up the update schedule starting the week of January 11th. So on the 11th instead of the 2-1-2-1 schedule we'll be doing just a flat two pages a week. There are several reasons of this, one being that it's possible that this comic needs to be finished in three years because in three years both Masuto and I will probably be gone for a whole year(That would be 72 pages if you were wondering), then Masuto would come back, but it would be another six months before I would too. We can't update the comic where we're going so...(we're not even going to go together.)
Ehm...anyways...That's the news! Did I forget anything Masuto...?

posted by Skarlog @ December 11th, 2007, 7:00 pm   0 Comments