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Main Characters


Devon Emisis

Age: I'd have to check my notes, but I think he's 24


Planet: Bardon

Job:Munitions supplier

Bio: Devon is one of Bardon’s top munitions suppliers. He worked is way up to where he is now mostly by hostile takeovers that usually ended with his enemy dead.

That is how the Bardonians do business after all.

Author Notes: I can never draw his bangs the same way twice, they are continually different lengths.


Kristophe LeVent

Age: He stopped counting, but he's young to middle ages for his people and just shy of 1000

Species: Vlandirn ::Vampire::

Planet: Vland

Job: Leader of a group of mercenaries for hire called Anagnorisis

Bio: Kris grew up on his home planet, but due to some circumstances he was banished until he came to his senses. Kris plans on dying off-planet.

Kris has a wife and a son, neither of them full Vlandirns (the son is half-Vlandirn of course). A picture of them can be found in the Gallery

Author Notes: Kris's left bang drives me crazy.

I'm surprised at how silly Kris ended up being; his concept art picture was quite serious and scary. I will have to make sure to have an arc where he can be so again.

Joshua LeVent

Joshua LeVent

Age: 58

Species: Vlandirn ::Vampire::

Planet: Vland

Job: Mercenary in the group Anagnorisis

Bio: Holds a deep seated hatred towards Kris. On Vland each adult Vlandirn takes on the tutoring of a child until he reaches the age of majority (150). The child Vlandirn is viewed as an extension of the adult until this age, when they are considered their own person. This is why Josh has Kris's last name when in fact they are not the slightest bit related. This is also why Josh hates Kris, as it is Kris's fault that they were banished. Josh cannot go back to his home until he turns 150 or Kris dies. Whichever comes first. He considers himself patient, so he will wait and help out the group in the meantime.

Author Notes: I HATE, I HATE, Josh's hair. T.T I created all these characters at a time where I was huge on long hair and big bangs for all my characters. I shall have to contrive a way to have it cut.



Age: 25

Species: Kolabin ::Angel::

Planet: Kolab

Job: Works as a mercenary for Anagnorisis, and for his planets company A.N.G.E.L. on the side

Bio: Before Briton was a mercenary he worked full time for his planet's tourist company. As such he knows many random facts about many planets. In the group he is the go-to guy for information. In fact, he knows more about most planets than do the universe's planet databases. A tour group has to protect their trade secrets after all, and so much information about the best and worst sides of a planet is strictly on closed-circuit computers.

Author Notes: Briton is our token emo/punk/whatever character. Like I mentioned above with Josh, I was really into bangs, and so he forever has hair in his eyes.



Age: 16

Species: Kidune

Planet: Kidden

Job: Mercenary for Anagnorisis. And self-appointed caregiver of Joy

Bio: Matt is an adult for his species, as they are not as long lived as the rest of the universe. He has three forms, a human like form, a half-human half-fox form, and a full fox-like form.

Matt likes two things in like, sandwiches and Joy. Matt is especially close to Joy. He rescued her from a very bad situation in the past and it has drawn them very close.

In the group Matt is the guy they go to for computer situations. He can hack, crack, and blow up your computer from the other side of the universe.

Author Notes: Matt is my favorite character I think. He¡¦s fun to draw, and has red hair *pets*



Age: 14

Species: Wern

Planet: Wern

Job: Member of the group Anagnorisis

Bio: Joy is barely considered an adult by her people. Her planet and Matt's planet are actually the same, but there is a divide between the different sentient species that live there. She met Matt on a space ship to a planet on vacation with her parents. It was there that she had a very traumatic experience that Matt saved her from. Since then she has not spoken a word. Matt is the only person that can continuously understand what she is saying.

Author Notes: Joy got a name by default. Masuto and I could not actually find a name for her. One day we were looking at the pictures I had drawn and I said something like, Shes very joyous for some one who never talks. It just fell into place from there, and voila, Joy.

Semi-important Side Characters

Mr. Loon


Age: 30-something probably

Species: Bardonian

Planet: Bardon

Job: Secretary

Bio: Loon works for Mr. Aughter

Author Notes: I like his hair :) Though it is hard to do sometimes.

Mr. Aughter

Mr. Aughter

Age: Old, haha

Species: Bardonian

Planet: Bardon

Job: Munitions supplier

Bio: Mr. Aughter is a competitor in the market against Devon. In true Bardonian style Mr. Aughter attempted to have Devon killed so that he could take over Devon's business. Traditionally this is done by the person that wishes to take over the company, but Mr. Aughter let himself go just a little bit too much, and so he had to hire a non-Bardonian group to do it for him.

Author Notes: I wish I had remembered that Bardonians need to fight before I drew him, because he's too immobile to be so high up in social status as he is.



Age: 16

Species: Bardonian

Planet: Bardon

Job: Secretary for Devon

Bio: Tamaef is full young to have such an important position as he does. Unfortunately, nobody else wants the job because Devon tends to kill his secretaries more often than not. However, Tamaef likes his job, and is the current record holder for the secretary around the longest. 6 months.

Author Notes: His hair was an accident.

I couldn't design a hair do, and was frustrated. I ended up just scribbling around his head, and that is why his hair looks like a scribble around his head.